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We had such a fun day today! We didn’t have to be anywhere until almost 11:00am, so of course that meant that J woke up early. He was rocking by six, and Daddy kept him occupied for a bit while I tried to get vertical. We had a leisurely breakfast, and then we headed out for the Pearl Market.IMG_4774Pearls are plentiful here, and much cheaper than in the US, so we shopped! This particular store used to be part of an open market but is now in a multilevel shopping mall full of stores that sell jewelry. This place was huge!IMG_4795 After our pearl endeavor, we took a taxi to Shamian Island, a very tiny, sandbank island just off of Guangzhou. I guess it was controlled by France and Great Britain at one point, and it had a strong European flair. It was gorgeous. Can you see the banyan trees in this picture?IMG_4798It is very tiny, but we walked around the shops for quite some time before we found the ones we were looking for. The US Consulate used to be located on this island, and many adoptive families take a picture of their child standing in this row of “children.” So, of course we had to give it a shot since we were here. Our child would have nothing to do with standing in line, and he sure did walk right up to that little girl and hit her in the face. Seriously, the hitting is getting better. But, it is still his first instinct to protect. Oh my word.
IMG_4800 This island is a little oasis. It is green, lush, and gorgeous. The European flair made it feel very familiar. IMG_4806_2 This was the only way we could get close to the “kids.” J was very frightened by them. Poor guy.IMG_4811 Hello, my pretty.IMG_4814 It was very hot outside, and we wandered around for a few hours. You can see we were quite droopy in this picture. IMG_4817We are thinking J may have gotten a little too droopy, because tonight at our one and only group dinner out at a nice restaurant, he threw up all over the place. So, so sad for him! And, so yucky for the other 8 people at our table. Sorry, guys! He seems to be doing okay now, and we’re hoping for an uneventful sleep. We do, however, have a bath tub full of laundry to take care of now. I sure can’t wait to be home.
IMG_4819Tomorrow is our consulate appointment! And, then we should receive his visa the next day. Just in time to hop a flight to Shanghai. Woo hoo! We are almost out of here!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!