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We had our consulate appointment this morning! We set an alarm, scarfed down an early breakfast and headed to the US Consulate here in Guangzhou. I’m not really sure about all of the purposes that a consulate serves, but I do know that this is the only US Consulate in China that issues immigrant visas. That means that it is very important to us!

If cameras were allowed, I would have loved to show you the HUGE LINE of people outside waiting to get in. We, on the other hand, pranced right on through to the adoptive family section. I have no idea why we always get our own little section at these official appointments. I don’t remember whether I mentioned it before, but at the airport in Zhengzhou, they even opened up a new security line just for our families. I suppose when I consider the 12 families and children that were all together in our designated waiting room this morning, it is not that hard to discern why we get our “preferred” treatment. It was rather noisy, ahem, “special.”

We raised our right hands and swore that all of the information that we filled out on behalf our our children was for real. We signed with our electronic fingerprints, and then as quick as we were in, we were out of there, walking past the same hundreds of people in line that had stared at us walking in.

And, now we wait. We left little J’s passport at the consulate trusting that we will get it back tomorrow afternoon with a brand spankin’ new visa pressed perfectly inside. We need that little sticker to get him home, and we have to wait here until we receive it. I say it that way, because just this afternoon we learned that no visas were issued out of ANY US Consulates world-wide today. Apparently this happens…ONCE EVERY TEN YEARS OR SO, according to our guides. There is some issue, we’re not sure what (although our guides guessed that it could be some sort of security breach – darn hackers), and we’re not sure when it will be resolved. We are trusting and praying that this issue will be resolved as we sleep tonight, especially since most of the people reading this blog will be awake as we rest, and we are counting on you to carry our prayers while we slumber. Thank you in advance.

We are meeting first thing in the morning to discuss any developments. Hopefully, there will be some. Families that needed visas today are already being affected, flights have to be rebooked, and hearts ache. We are all ready to be home.


We took these pictures after we all returned from our consulate appointment this morning. IMG_4839 - Version 2 All of these children now have a family to call their own. And, we have dear friends that have shared a journey that will forever impact us all. We have loved our travel group. IMG_4853Our child (bottom left corner) had quite a bit to say about this photo…of course.
IMG_4863 Dinners have been a highlight in Guangzhou. For families that will make this trip after us, we loved upgrading at the Marriot (The China Hotel). Our room is large and spacious, and the appetizers and adult beverages served in the Executive Lounge have made for free dinner and relaxation just about every night. The spread is extensive. There is free water to grab throughout the day, and I will never disclose how many cookies I have grabbed in a pinch, mid afternoon. IMG_4875Most of our group upgraded, actually, and group dinners were definitely a highlight for us. There were so many like-hearted families in our travel group. There were lots of laughs, and tears were always understood. I have no doubt that when everyone moves to Colorado, we will still be friends. Get the hint!!!
IMG_4879Chicken feet made an appearance this evening. Thank you, Mike.
IMG_4882 Cheers. And, ew.IMG_4883 And, the skies were clear, making for a gorgeous skyline on what I hope is our last evening here. IMG_4877IMG_4884 IMG_4886We will pack our bags tomorrow and pray that we are able to spend the night in Shanghai tomorrow night. We are very much hoping for the chance to visit the Shanghai Healing Home where J has been cared for, and well, we need a visa to do that.

And, since we’ve come full circle, we wish you a good morning. Good night!