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Well, sadly, we cancelled our first flight tonight. We were scheduled to leave for Shanghai this evening, spend tomorrow in the city where our son has been cared for, visit his home, and then hop a flight back to the United States. Visas are still not being issued due to a global glitch in the US passport and visa system (http://bigstory.ap.org/article/glitch-crashes-global-us-passport-visa-operations). So, for now, we are stuck here.

We have jumped through so many hoops to process our adoption. We have been filling out paperwork for months, notarizing documents, sending in follow-up documents, applications, and on and on. We are at the very end of our journey and have met China’s standards to a T, and they have given us their proverbial blessing – our adoption has been completely finalized. Ironically, we are waiting on our own government so that we take this child home!

There are dozens of other families sitting in this very hotel with us, the one close to the only US Consulate in China that issues immigrant visas, wishing the same wish – that we would be able to take our precious babes home. There are thousands upon thousands of others around the World impacted by what is going on; we are a very small piece of this picture. Many are missing children and loved ones. Many are now considering unforeseen expenses, extended childcare arrangements, flight schedules, limited access to cash, and other challenges that come with this glitch. Please pray it is resolved soon.

It’s stormy here in Guangzhou. We watched sheets of rain pour down at dinner, and we are still listening to the gentle rolls of thunder. As we sit here in our hotel room, all is well. We have who we came here for. The promise that we’ve made to this little one extends well beyond the four walls of our physical home. And, while we long to take him there, our forever family started 9 days ago. And, we will take him home to be with his brother and sisters – just not tonight.

IMG_4623I believe that things happen for a reason, but I am not waiting for an aha moment when the reason that we are still here is suddenly revealed. It just doesn’t matter. God is God, always. We trust Him.
IMG_4510So, we’ll take our extra moments we have here in stride. We are safe, warm, healthy, and fed. We are family, and that is more than could be said a couple of weeks ago. We are so grateful.
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