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Well, if things had worked out the way that we thought they would, we would be on a flight RIGHT NOW, headed back to our sweet children waiting for us at home.


Alas, we are getting ready to crawl in bed, in China. We are warm, actually, the correct disclaimer here might actually be that we are cool, we are fed, safe, and happy to have our precious child to hold in our arms. All that to say, we are well.

Someone from the US donated pizza for our entire group today to boost our spirits, and honestly, I would say that it worked! There are dozens of families staying at this hotel that are waiting for visas for their children. We notice each other, ummmm, hello, we are impossible to miss, and there is an instant connection. I would say that spending time with people that understand you is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. We all desire to be known, and this is one of those times where you just appreciate being with people who GET IT. We are all missing loved ones. We are tired by the uncertainty. We can laugh when we aren’t crying. We are really going to miss this crew.

This little playground is outside the fourth floor of our hotel.

IMG_4891 IMG_4892 These two little friends have grown up together. They have lived in the same home in Shanghai almost since birth. And, now, they are both moving to Colorado to be with their forever families. They are hilarious to watch together. They know each other, play together, and are quite active. They blew kisses to each other a few days ago, and we just smiled because neither family had taught them that. We also had no idea they knew how to do it. They learned to love each other somewhere else. It is sweet to watch. IMG_4894This picture was taken by the sweet girl’s mama. She is my new Colorado friend. They actually adopted two babies on this trip, and they have 6 biological kids as well. We are loving the time we get to spend with their family. These kids enjoy each other, and they have a special bond. IMG_1896
IMG_4900Sweaty boy! It is instantly hot when you walk outside here. The air is so heavy with humidity. We are so out of our league.
IMG_4905Jeremiah runs. We follow. This is how we spend our days.
IMG_4913 Always on the move.IMG_4920A highlight of our afternoon was praying for our pizza lunch. There is something special about bowing with friends and giving thanks for circumstances that are less than ideal.
IMG_4925 The US Consulate opened and closed today, and now it will remain closed for the weekend. We still need a visa. They have promised to open on Sunday morning to check on the progress of the US in fixing the glitch that is stranding thousands of people around the World. In a way, we are grateful that we will not have to wait for news tomorrow. We know we won’t receive any. We plan to enjoy the day, and we will continue to pray that things are resolved quickly – as quick as they are supposed to be.

Please keep our kids back home in your prayers. We miss them so much. We are devastated that we will not be holding them in our arms soon like we planned. IMG_4937