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The very first night we put Jeremiah to sleep he tossed and turned in bed. He itched and scratched, pulled at his ears, tugged on his diaper. He was stressed. Tonight, he fell asleep tugging on the tags of his lion, poking his tiny fingers through each looped ribbon. His fine motor skills are good, and he is learning the parts of the lion’s face. He always points to his nose first. Tonight, he even said, “Nuh? Nuh?” over and over again. He is learning. And, with his palate repaired, he is able to make the ‘n’ sound! That makes this mama happy. Even more so, my heart rests knowing that he is settling. He is not so stressed as he falls asleep, although he still needs to know that we are close. We lay beside him as he falls asleep and then sneak away for a couple of hours to ourselves before we head to bed.  He wakes up frequently in the night, starting in his sleep, cries, and makes sure we are close. Sleep is still a little scary.


But, this little bud is learning to trust, a little more each day. He is such a bruiser. He runs everywhere, slightly sideways, so there’s lots of tripping. Just yesterday, like a little bird, he ran straight into a mirror thinking the walkway extended, and as the welt on his forehead grew, he cried a little. He used to never cry. But, he is starting to learn that it’s okay to be hurt, and now he will come to us for some love. It’s a sweet thing.
IMG_4956 He still loves to pave his own path though. Mr. Independent has learned how to hail the elevator, watch for the light to indicate which stall is going to open (there are multiple elevators), wait for the doors to part, and then immediately runs inside to bang on the back wall. The doors close quickly, and we pray the day never comes that he makes it in without us and instantly heads up or down. Finding him would be next to impossible. Four elevators x 18 floors would mean a lot of looking. This kid is quick.IMG_4960 He loves to give high-fives. He says, “Yeah” every time he hits your hand. I praised him the first time he hit my hand, and now it’s just the way we do it. IMG_4967We have been without Jeremiah for 19 months of his life. He is his own person, but he is also still such a peanut. This tiny dude has personality and drive in spades.
IMG_4972 IMG_4980 IMG_4988The very first time we gave Jeremiah a bottle, his ayis stepped in to wipe his face when he was done. I knew then that this child rarely had a dirty face. Since then, he has presented his fingers on numerous occasions for us to wipe off a minuscule spec of nothing. Yes, messy is new to him, but pudding is his whole world. The kid loves this stuff.
IMG_4999 Tonight, we let him play with his food. And, while I would have loved for this to happen within the comfort of our own home where wet wipes are plentiful and a bathtub is just steps away, he needed some time to get into his dessert. And, since it was a buffet, he got two. Maybe three. Because, this was fun. He is cute. And, life is good when there’s pudding on your face.IMG_5000There were still moments of concern about the mess.
IMG_5003 But, it didn’t take much to overcome it. IMG_5009 Playing with food is good! It’s a baby’s right of passage. Tonight was our first journey.IMG_5010 Aaaaaand……… done.IMG_5012_2Frankly, life is messy. It often doesn’t pan out the way that we’ve planned. But, we can learn to be content in our mess. God’s peace transcends our circumstances.

I haven’t really noticed a sunset here in Guangzhou, but the skyline does shimmer a bit at twilight. It is pretty. But, I am anxious to see those blazing Colorado skies again.
IMG_5015Today was a mellow day, and our hearts were at rest. God’s timing is the best timing, and as we watched our sweet son fall asleep tonight, we were really struck by the growth that he has made with individual attention over the past few days. He is more and more prepared to be home with his whole family.

The US Consulate is opening for a brief period of time on Sunday morning to check on their ability to issue our visas, so there is anticipation again. There will be a brief window of time in the morning where we will wait expectantly to see if we can start booking flights home. I can assure you that when we get that green flag, there will be a mad rush to wake up our travel agents in the States and get them booking flights straight away. Please pray for favor. There are a lot of people stranded, fares are expensive, and I am positive that change fees are an airline’s delight.

Many of us here, as well as people back home have been busy contacting their Representatives to inform them about how this visa glitch is affecting us overseas, and surprisingly, many were completely unaware of the issue. Word is getting out, and our family’s story was on the news! Other families’ stories are being covered as well. I will attach the links below. We are grateful the word is getting out, and we are hoping it makes an impact in our ability to make it home.

Thank you for your love and support. We miss you!

CBS Denver did a story on our family: http://denver.cbslocal.com/video/10407449-computer-glitch-causes-backlog-of-passport-visa-applications/

Other families here are also sharing their stories back with their home towns:




Also, dear friends of ours have organized a fundraiser to help go toward our unexpected costs of extending our trip and changing our flights. If you would like any more information on that check it out here. We are so grateful.

Goodnight from China!