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This little slip of paper flew off a printer this morning, and now, just like that, we are hopping on a plane in 12 hours to start our long journey back to our side of the Earth. It is amazing to me how much power this little sticker holds. IMG_5081We spent the first half of the day emailing with our travel agent and calling airlines. Bless her heart. It was the middle of the night for her, and she was up on our behalf, as well as a few other families who have been stuck here. If you ever wonder whether a travel agent is worth it for an adoption trip, let me assure you – they are. There is no way I could have navigated what she did.

It turns out that American has very full flights this week, and we literally purchased the last few tickets available to get home. And, unfortunately, they were priced as such. But, we are grateful to be moving in the direction of home, and we are SO looking forward to introducing this little guy to the rest of his family and friends. I am also anxious to be in a place where I don’t have to violently spit out the bathwater that inevitably gets splashed into my mouth by our flailing bather. IMG_5093 This book is already looking a little worn, and I am going to need to find some other books that have sounds to press when we get back home. He loves this book so much. It will forever be the first book that he read and enjoyed. It makes animal sounds, but his favorite button is the Sun which is some sort of musical riff.IMG_5096 I’m gonna miss these mamas. Adding our children to our families at the same time does something to relationships – something good. There are some mamas missing from this picture! I will miss you too.IMG_5099 Daddy love.IMG_5156IMG_5101 These two are kindred spirits. The fact that they have grown up together gives them a special bond. They both have strong, driven, playful hearts, a ready smile, and a sense of adventure. I love that they are both going to grow up in the same state. IMG_5128 They are so precious.IMG_5134Please continue to pray traveling mercies over these families that begin very long treks home tomorrow. I don’t want to say that things ended on a sour note, but many families were slammed with traveling expenses that were originally unanticipated. Some are not able to travel home together, and tomorrow, one parent will leave with part of their family while mama stays behind in China, with her other children and waits for her turn to go home. It is a tough end to a very long trip. God is so gracious, and we are so tremendously blessed to have our children and be traveling home. Please pray for His continued provision.

Danny and I are so grateful for the contributions that so many of you have made to this fund to help offset our unanticipated costs. We are humbled and blessed by your generosity.

Pack. Sleep. Airport. Plane. Airport. Plane. Airport. Customs. Immigration. Plane. Airport. FAMILY. Breathe. Sleeping pill.

We’re almost there… We will arrive home to Denver at 11:10pm Tuesday night. Just in time for me to start my birthday in the car on the way home. Happy birthday to me!